Privileged Access Management (PAM):

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is part of Identity and Access Management (IAM). PAM protects privileged admin accounts, while IAM provides access at the right time for the right reason. PAM includes the discovery, monitoring and management of these accounts.


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5 Reasons Why MSPs Should Use QGuard

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Proactively mitigate risks related to privileged admin accounts.

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Automate credential documentation in the Quickpass Vault or in MSP documentation tools like IT Glue and Hudu.

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One dashboard to manage account access, enable/disable accounts, and set recurring (up to daily) privileged account password rotations in one click.

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Just-In-Time Privileged Accounts limits access to the people who need it, with seamless integration to the password vault of your choice. (Coming soon)

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Clear visibility into privileged account activity with actionable alerts, visualizations of stale admin accounts, and audit logs for privileged account event.

Why use QGuard for Privileged Access Management (PAM)


Faster Onboarding

Speed up new customer onboarding by 30%.

Save time

Cut down the time it takes to mitigate security risks related to technician turnover by 99%

Made for MSPs

Supports the MSP business model and delivers a security solution for SMBs, not the enterprise, like most solutions.

Integrates with MSP Stack

Easily integrates with MSP “must have” tools like IT Glue and Hudu.

Solves Tickets Faster

Solves tickets faster and allows you to focus on high margin activities like completing larger projects, onboarding new customers and solving more complex customer requirements.

How QGuard Works


Deploy Agents

Deploy Quickpass agents via your RMM (we have scripts for pretty much all of them) and API to your AD servers, local machines, and Azure AD (O365 Tenants)


Discover Admin Accounts

Organize all the newly discovered privileged accounts by machines, and client. Check for any that you didn’t know about or that shouldn’t exist and disable them.

Enable Integrations

Set up any of your integrations like IT Glue or Hudu for account matching and management and ConnectWise Control for credential injection.

Enable Password Rotation

Set-Up your daily password rotation with the click of a button.

Monitor Privileged Access

Manage your security groups for access control and monitor ongoing changes via a daily digest email or the Quickpass dashboard.

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As a new MSP, you receive your first month back in MDF (Marketing Development Funds).